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Freelance Writer Raven Marie LopezMy name is Raven Marie Lopez. I go by Raven Marie. I am a fairly new established writer and have just gotten my feet wet by becoming a writer for the newest online based hip-hop magazine on the web ( For this specific site, I take pictures and cover events. I am currently writing an article about the premiere of Skinny Jeans: The Movement. I will also be covering Americas Best Dance Crew this week. I am 19 years old, a college student and a very talented writer residing in Los Angeles, CA. I am looking for more writing jobs. I specialize in blogging, sports, music, fashion, teen trials and tribulations, African-American culture, video games and electronics, lengthy articles and general opinion filled or review articles. Because I am a fresh new writer, I charge fairly reasonable at just $0.45 per word.

Below are url links to a few of my articles which have been written for Scoop The Magazine.
(Jerkin’: Taking Cali By Storm)
(Lakers Take It All)
(2009 Laker Parade)
(Henry Louis Gates Article)
(R&B Artist The Dream Retires)
(Movie Review for Orphan)

For other writing samples:

I charge $.45 per word for articles or blogs that are 250 words or less. For more lengthy articles, I charge $.04 per word.

For contact:

Cell: [323]568-6648

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