Welcome To Freelance Writers For Hire

Freelance Writers For Hire got its start as a small list of my freelance writer friends that I handed out to my friends who needed to hire freelance writers. The list continued to grow, and I noticed more and more people asking where they could find freelance writers. While it’s easy to suggest bidding sites, more and more professional writers are leaving the bidding sites since it can be difficult to find reliable clients there, and clients are leaving the bidding sites because it’s difficult to find reliable freelance writers there.

Eventually, I decided that it would be easier to simply post my list of freelance writers for hire in one place to make things easier for everyone involved.

How To Use Freelance Writers For Hire:

There are three easy ways to find a freelance writer for hire on this site. The first is to visit the Freelance Writers Directory page, which lists all of the freelance writers on this site in alphabetical order.

The second way is to use the categories section. Freelance writers are organized into the type of writing that they do- for example, keyword articles, copy writing, blogging, and even general for those writers who are capable and interested in writing in various styles.

The third is to search the tags for even more specific information. For example, if you’re looking for a health writer, or someone who blogs for lawyers, or someone who gives a specific rate per word, it’ll be listed as a tag.

How To Hire Freelance Writers:

To hire a freelance writer on this site, use the email address that they provide here, or visit their website or profile that is provided here, and contact them through their page. Do not contact me to hire a freelance writer. I have no control over any of the freelance writers for hire, and in most cases, the only contact information that I have for them is the same contact information that is listed here.

I do not hire out my work, so I can’t give you a personal recommendation based on work that I’ve seen. I also can’t find a freelance writer for you. This list is only here to make things easier for you, and for them, to find a healthy client/provider relationship. Any information provided here is what I was given by the freelance writer. If you wish to know more about a freelance writer than what you find here, please visit their website, profile, and/or sample pages, and directly ask the freelancer any questions that you have.

The freelance writers on this site are either native English speakers/writers, or are fluent enough that you can’t tell the difference. The majority live in the United States, Canada, or Britain.

How To Be Listed As A Freelance Writer For Hire:

Simply contact me at WordVixenSMO@gmail.com with your name, website URL, links to any profiles or sample pages that you want listed, contact information (email, Twitter, etc) that you want listed, bio, what kind of writing you do (keyword articles, copywriting, etc), and any specialties (health, law, technology, etc), and anything else that you want listed, such as rates or sample articles to be included. If you want a photo included, please send me a link to the photo so that I can save it myself.  I do not accept attachments of any kind.


This website is provided as a service only, and as such I take no responsibility for anything at all, including the website itself, aside from what’s stated in the privacy policy.